Friday, January 20, 2012

New day, old photos

Hey all,

To continue with the theme, I'm posting some more old photos of my work as I work on getting photos of my newer projects. Unfortunately as the best camera I have is in my cell phone, it's a slow trial-and-error process.

As many of you may have noticed (and as I have often espoused) my favorite things to paint come from Games Workshop's various 'chaos' lines. This is very, very true. Contrary to popular opinion however, I enjoy painting a wide variety of models from a variety of different companies. As such, today's first blog post (I'm planning two today) features some of my favorite Privateer Press painting moments. Enjoy!

First up is one of the first commission pieces I ever did. It's a Troll Blood "Dire Troll" I did for a wonderful bloke named Blake. This predates my career with Games Workshop by a few years.... so that puts it back a little...

Next up is another Troll Blood model. It's been so long that I - unfortunately- don't remember the exact name of the model... but I like it anyway ;)

Third up is another Privateer Press figure, a Cryx warcaster by the name of Skarre 'the pirate queen'

Rounding off the Privateer Press tour today is another warcaster from Privateer Press and one of my favorite models from that line...

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! That's right, our journey back in time is not yet finished! Here's a mumak I painted for the old Games Workshop hobby center in Danvers, MA! It was one of the first projects assigned to me in that shop and is another model that has a special little place in my heart.

and finally... because I can't resist living up to my stereotype... here's a Marauder hero I painted in up with my friend Jake Hanson in mind. For those who are unaware, Jake is an actual blood descendent of Erik 'the Blood Axe' who is featured in more than one Norse saga. Talk about inspiration ...

Thanks for checking the blog out today! I'm looking to get some picture of my World Eaters up tonight, so keep the eye out! Till then...


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  1. Glad to see that you are back! As for models, they are quite cool. I really like GD chaos champion. Couple suggestions though… If you doing block highlighting try to use more colors/layers. It will give better results. Also, the rust on t PP axe is very one dimensional (not sure if it is just the picture quality) try to use different powders or may be a bit of inking here and there… Keep it coming! Can’t wait to see your SM.