Thursday, March 8, 2012

"What does everybody want....?!"

Afternoon all,

Before we start, stop your internal's an Al Snow quote.

Here we are with another Titan update... a small one this time. Construction is drawing near to its end, but there are still some complicated parts yet to fabricate. In today's update, you get to see the head and cockpit section. This piece is getting primed seperately, so unfortunately you're going to have to wait a little bit to see it attached to the torse.

What's your best side? Good.... 'cause the titan has nothing but best sides, he's like Chuck Norris.

One last thing... for those who haven't been following closely (and shame shame shame on you), the ETSY store is now up and running with an ever increasing number of my miniatures for sale. Make sure you check it out. Through etsy you can also request custom work (miniatures, terrain, tables etc) from the bad-ass duo of Benjamin Johns and Nathan Moniz... !

till the next post,
P.S - Hopefully next week I'll have at least one of the weapons arms done....