Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things are coming together

Friends and followers (is "followers" too megalomaniac?),

Before we get down to seeing progress on the Titan, there is some new business to discuss. Just yesterday I started a new Facebook page for Wolftribe Creations (!/WolftribeCreations)! WC is now the business side of my hobby and the FB page is full of examples of my work! WC provides custom painting for miniatures, conversion and scratch building services, and terrain fabrication for all role playing and tabletop gaming systems. So if you or any of your friends have a dream project, a ton of miniatures you've just never gotten around to tinkering with, need some cool terrain to bring your game to life, or just want a special center piece for your game or army, jump over to the Wolftribe Creations FB to check out my work or contact me about custom jobs. Also, check back often for news about the upcoming ETSY store!

now on to the fun...
My diabolical quest to scratch build a Warhound Titan continues! Time for some WIP (work in progress) pictures!
There's just something about a pair of hips...
If any of you have been following this consistantly, I've been building this bad-boy from from the ground up (literally). Since both legs were finished, the next natural section to build was the hips/waist. The center (lighter) section and the square abutments were built in the same fashion as nearly every other section of the titan. They were cut out from cardboard and folded into shape. The round sections at both ends are the same 3/4" wooden dowel that formed the joints in the legs.
Here is one of the gun mounts (the left side as you look at the titan)...
this is the center hull section. What you're actually seeing here is the underside. The Octagonal section will actually be glued onto the waist section seen about after the titan is primed and painted.
In this picture we see half of the upper body of the titan (no arms yet... thos are for next week...). From left to right we see the right should and right gun mount, the main hull body, and the main hull raised section.
Here's a completed shoulder....
Completed shoulder and completed main hull
What I am personally looking forward to are putting in all of the little fun bits, like couplings and cables. This - in all likelihood - will be the most time consuming part of the build.
Woohoo! Look at those legs!!!

Here's the assembled main upper body section sitting on the completed legs!
The straight on view
Everyone has a best side, this is the titan's
and finally the rearview

Alright everyone, it's time for me to go shovel my car out and get back to organizing the Wolftribe FB page and setting up the store. Till next time...

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  1. Looks good, Ben. Probably a lot cheaper than the alternative from Forge World!